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Portal Digital

Check out the result of out latest curriculum project – Portal Digital.

Bedlington Station Primary school transformed, once again, into a bustling hive of industry as we launched into our annual Mantle of the Expert creative project. This time the children were in role as Digital Developers working at the digital agency, Portal Digital, under the guidance of businesswoman, Olive Stein.

The aim of Portal Digital was to bring online content to users around the world. Portal Digital’s flagship online multimedia platform is ‘The Portal’, an immersive journey into entertainment, news, information and everyday. ‘The Portal’, the latest brainchild of Olive Stein, was updated weekly with content from the Digital Developers at Portal Digital.

The project was successful in promoting skills such as time management, speaking and listening, presentation skills, creative thinking, thinking skills as well as immersing the children in the curriculum content required.

Each class, or ‘DigiPod’ used a range of curriculum skills and content to deliver their work to Olive.

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