Scienteers #week3 #team2

This week was all about fingerprints! Are they really all different? How could they find out?

Using magnifying glasses they studied their own fingerprints, comparing them with each other.

They then made prints of their own fingerprints, looking closely at the curves and patterns. Using these prints to then create giant chalk images of them.

They were finally asked to identify their own fingerprints from their fingerprints which we collected at the start of the session. Alyssa was the only one to identify her own… well done Alyssa!



Scienteers #week2 #team2

This week Scienteers got to create a volcanic eruption! Or as the Scienteers would say… create a chemical reaction!!

They mixed an acid and alkali together to cause the exciting reaction. Noticing lots of bubbles which they knew were the gases the reaction had created!

They then got to perform an experiment which made them appear to be magic!

They were challenged to see how many pencils they could push through a bag filled with water. It was so much fun!

Amazing to think it was the molecules in the bag stopping the water spilling out.

Scienteers #week1 #team2

Welcome to the new team of Scienteers!!!

What an exciting first week… facing the raft building challenge!

The rafts were brilliant, but it was Faith and Finn’s raft which proved the most buoyant.

A fun start to working towards their Crest Awards.


Scienteers #team1 #week5

This week Scienteers looked at adaptation, discussing how different species have adapted to survive in their habitat.

Their challenge was to design their own species to survive a specific habitat. We hope you like their designs 😄

Scienteers #team1 #week4

This week Scienteers got to become paleontologists. They discussed different dinosaurs, in particular their skeletons. Talking about what they looked like. They discussed that a Velociraptor had a long tail that acted as a counterbalance, that an ostrich dinosaur had long legs to help it run fast as well as talking about the fact a Diplodocus was built like a suspension bridge.

The challenge was to work out how to put dinosaur bones together. Could they use their knowledge of dinosaur bones to create their own dinosaur skeleton that could stand up? It was a lot trickier than they expected!

Scienteers #team1 #week3

This week was all about fingerprints.. are they really all different? How could we prove it? Would we be able to identify our own fingerprint?

Scienteers carried out a brilliant investigation, carefully using equipment to look at and record their own fingerprints. Massive well done to Holly, who was the only Scienteer to identify her fingerprint when they were all printed together.

Another step closer to achieving their Crest Awards!

Scienteers #team1 #week2

This week the Scienteers competed against each other building rafts. They were each given exactly the same materials to build a raft to hold as many marbles as possible. They had to think carefully about their designs and what shapes would provide the most buoyancy.

Newest recruit to Scienteers Finn and Shane did amazingly well, with their paper raft holding 20 marbles!!! With Alex and Rob’s design coming a very close second.

Well done Scienteers, another fun filled week and one step closer to your Crest Awards!

Scienteers #team1 #week1

Team 1 of the Scienteers have been recruited and did an amazing job of their first investigation!! They have been given 8 investigations to complete.. if completed to a high standard they will each receive a Superstar Crest Award.

’There’s a hole in my bucket’ was challenge one, the Scienteers had to work in a team, using different materials to try to fix the hole. They did amazingly at measuring, making predictions and making the tests fair.. as well as having lots of fun competing with each other too!

Well done Scienteers!


Portal Digital

Check out the result of out latest curriculum project – Portal Digital.

Bedlington Station Primary school transformed, once again, into a bustling hive of industry as we launched into our annual Mantle of the Expert creative project. This time the children were in role as Digital Developers working at the digital agency, Portal Digital, under the guidance of businesswoman, Olive Stein.

The aim of Portal Digital was to bring online content to users around the world. Portal Digital’s flagship online multimedia platform is ‘The Portal’, an immersive journey into entertainment, news, information and everyday. ‘The Portal’, the latest brainchild of Olive Stein, was updated weekly with content from the Digital Developers at Portal Digital.

The project was successful in promoting skills such as time management, speaking and listening, presentation skills, creative thinking, thinking skills as well as immersing the children in the curriculum content required.

Each class, or ‘DigiPod’ used a range of curriculum skills and content to deliver their work to Olive.

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